Apr 12

How do I change the Map?

You can change the map by binding the following to any key: MUTATE BDBMAPVOTE VOTEMENU

Go to your Unreal Tournament/System folder and find the ‘User’ file (with the yellow sprocket) and scroll down, look for an empty key, like:

then just make it look like this:


Here is a webpage for it: UT99 Binds

You should be good to go.

Remember, the vote must be more than 50%


Apr 12


I am sorry to inform you that the MONSTERHUNT DE *NW3* server is down permanently.The reason is Artofwarcentral.com suddenly closed without notice.

The same thing with the older USA server.

The good news is, I got another server from nfoservers.com and the IP is:      MonsterHunt USA *NW3*

So, there will only be one server from now on.




Mar 22

In case you don’t have it.. try D3D9r

If you use OpenGL for you UT driver and have crash issues, try the latest drivers for D3D an follow the instructions (courtesy http://www.cwdohnal.com/utglr/ ) to change your video driver under the Options tab – Options/Preferences/Video Driver

Direct3D9 renderer version 1.3 for UT: utd3d9r13.zip (107 KB).
Direct3D9 renderer version 1.2 for UT: utd3d9r12.zip (102 KB).
It’s a couple new files that go in the UnrealTournamentSystem directory. To use it, change video drivers in UT, select show all devices, and then select Direct3D9 Support. If the OpenGL renderer doesn’t work right on your system for whatever reason (video driver problems or some other issue), you can try using this one instead. It has mostly the same feature set as the updated OpenGL renderer. Note that this Direct3D9 renderer doesn’t support selection in the editor, so consider it unsupported and not fully functional as far as use with the editor is concerned.

It has made a big difference for me and have not crashed since using it.


Also, if you are using Windows 7/8 there is the D3D10 and 11 versions here (read the instructions first): http://kentie.net/article/d3d10drv/


Hope it helps,